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CIR's March Madness Blog Hop

Welcome Blog Hoppers.  Thanks for the visit.  Make yourselves at home.  When you are ready to move on to the next blog, scroll to the bottom of this screen for the List of Participating Bloggers (And yes, I mean the very bottom).  Don't forget to enter the sweepstakes before you hop off to the next blog.  Some lucky blog visitor will win a ton of books. The entry form is below the Links to the other Participating Bloggers.  Be sure to enter on every blog you visit.  

But first, a little tour of this blog:
ALittleBitofMiller is the official blog of the intrepid blogger from Miller, Texas.  This blogger, who prefers to remain anonymous, loves to dish up the dirt on his/her fellow Millerites.  So it pays to remember, should you happen to wander through this little, one-traffic light town in East Texas, unlike Vegas what happens in Miller always ends up on ALittleBitofMiller. This blog also features the Carvings by Doyle Allen.

 If you see one you like, you can order it on Etsy (click t…

Indie Author Soapbox by R.J. Craddock: What Makes You An Author?

Indie Author Soapbox by R.J. Craddock: What Makes You An Author?: In the film “Amelie” the title character says, “…every seller window should have a person who whispers comebacks...” That would be my drea...