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Learn About Life in the US of A.

December 17, 2016
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...but today let's talk about something less merry.

There is a page on the site called Learn aboutLife in the United States for kids.  It's like a little civic lesson.  While browsing through the site, I that I am not sure most Americans (those of us born and raised here) know.  Here is DYK list compiled by this intrepid blogger.
DYK that--

the United States has no official language?  While English is the most common language spoken, there are better than 300 different languages and dialects of languages heard from sea to shining sea. 

if you wish your language to be considered the official language of the US, you can contact your elected officials?  Don't get your hopes up, but it never hurts to ask, right?

the bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to the Irish?  If you follow the link fun facts link under STATE AND STATE CAPITALS, you can learn interesting facts about all 50 states along with the ba…

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The Plight of the Wild Giraffe

December 8,  2016

According to African conservationists, or at least scientists that pay attention to the wildlife in Africa, giraffes in the wild are headed toward extinction.  Not that we need to worry about these long necked iconic creatures disappearing from the plains of Africa in the way that dinosaurs have.  Not yet anyway.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist, which this blogger does not purport to be, to understand
that man has a hand in this decline.   Diminishing habitat, poaching, and tribal wars are a big part of the problem, as you would expect.  Apparently, one giraffe can feed a lot of people, and for war ravaged villages that have few resources, it makes sense to take what nature provides.  It brings to mind the American West and the plight of the buffalo, only the situation in Africa is not being romanticized.   It would definitely would be a sadder world if the giraffe did go the way of the dodo bird, yet one has to wonder if extinction is the natural order of t…