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Novels in the Works: 2016 and Beyond

Why you ask?  I'm not sure that I know how to write a novella.  I always seem to end up with a novel. 

Romance is definitely in the air in Miller, Texas.  So far, all of the novels listed here are spin-off's of my original series, @ the Double D.  It seems the more I write about Miller, the more characters step up demanding to have their story told, which is fine by me.  It gives me plenty of material to keep me busy long past 2016, which suits me just fine, and hopefully will make my fans, be they few or many, happy as well.

UPDATE: The latest installment of the Double D series, Kiss Me Bonkers is finally back on track.  Greenlea Gracie, sister-in-law of Iggie Idol, meets her match while attempting to get her walk-jog on.  Her would be Good Samaritan, Harper James "H J" Hampton has his hands full trying to convince Greenlea she needs his help, and not just to keep from passing out on the side of the road from heat stroke.  After a failed romance and her brother's death, Greenlea has been in a holding pattern.  She is now ready to move forward and plans on using an online dating site to find the perfect man for her.  Only her trust issues get in her way.  In her mind, H J is all wrong for someone as plain and ordinary as she sees herself.

H J, a widower with four boys, offers himself up as a cantidate for her I-need-to-find-a-redblooded-American-man campaign, but Greenlea informs him he is way too macho for her. Confused about how a man can be too macho, he goes out of his way to prove how un-macho he is.  Despite his best attempts to woo Greenlea, H J finds himself on the fringes watching various misfits who give a new definition to suitor or maybe that should be DO NOT SUIT HER try to win her over.  Since he is a man of action, he acts.  With the help of his boys, he makes plans of his own, trying in several different ways to convince Greenlea that he is the perfect man for her.  Even though Greenlea can't belive that he really wants her, she does find her heart captivated by his boys, and yes, darn his hide, the man himself.  But handing her heart over to a tall, dark, handsome, macho-to-his-back-teeth, ex-rodeo star (her words, not mine) takes more courage than Greenlea has inside her and leaves her feeling a bit like she's on the yellow brick road with Dorthy in the guise of a lion. 

Life gets real fast when Greenlea meets an man from her online dating site who seems perfect for her, at least on the surface.  With her happiness at risk, H J has to step aside or lay his heart on the line, knowing that he may never recover if Greenlea rejects his love.

Can H J convince Greenlea to trust his love?  Let's hope so or the Hampton boys might just kidnap her and hold her hostage until she agrees to marry their dad.  Yes, they are that serious about making her their step-mom.  But really, who can resist a handsome cowboy? Let's hope, for all our sake's, that Greenlea can't.

In the end, it's all about the kiss.  The one that drives them bonkers for each other, right? 

Here is H J's take on the situation:

H J sighed and pulled her close, holding her against is rapid fire heartbeat. He had to get this right. His whole future depended on it.
"Sweetheart, what you don't seem to understand is that my heart is a giant jigsaw puzzle.  Once it had only three or four pieces, but now it has more pieces than I know how to count.  Yet, like a puzzle, it can't be complete without each and every piece.  You are the piece missing from my heart, the piece I need to be whole again.  I want to marry you, please say yes."
Greenlea buried her face in his chest and sighed. "I can never be Ellen, no matter how hard I try.  I'm not daring or exciting or funny or witty or beautiful.  I'm just plain, old me with a jello butt."
H J growled and resisted the urge, just barely, to slide his hands down to her hips and show her just how much he loved her jello butt.  "Listen to me.  You are perfect just like you are.  I am not looking for Ellen. Her place in my heart is full. She and I didn't get to have the happily-ever-after we planned. We were cheated. None of that can be changed. Now I've found you, and my love for you has me rethinking every notion I ever had about love." He tightened his arms, pulling her even closer as he spoke. "That's right.  Plain, old ordingary Greenlea Gracie lassoed my heart with her charm, goodness, and beauty.  My love for you goes way beyond what I thought I could ever feel for another person, especially after Ellen died." Pulling back, he tipped her head up and captured her eyes with his, mesmerizing her with his sincerity. "You are amazing, and the woman I want to share the rest of my life with, the woman I want to be the mother to my boys, the woman I want beside me day and night. I love you, you stubborn woman. With out you, I'm like an incomplete puzzle, forever missing the final piece that completes me."
His words nearly brought her to her knees.  If he hadn't been holding her up, she would have melted into a puddle at his feet. "I'm scared, H J."
"I know, sweetheart." He pulled her closer and dropped a kiss on her lips. A way too brief and way too chaste kiss that sent her heart into overdrive. "I know, but I've got you. Just trust me."
"I do," she sighed and slid her arms behind his neck, pulling him down dying for another more satisfying kiss. "I love you, against my better judgement, but I love you so much it scares me spitless."
H J pulled back, not letting her complete the kiss because once their lips met, he would lose control of this converstion. It happened every time. He worked to keep a cocky grin from spreading across his face as he stared deep into the green gaze that so captivated him from the day he'd stopped to offer her a ride to town. "So," he breathed against her lips, "you'll marry me?"
"Only if you shut up and kiss me, Mr. Macho."
"My pleasure," he whispered as his lips claimed hers, and the macho man inside him stepped aside and allowed his woman to kiss him bonkers, one more time.
H J's note for his proposal to Greenlea.

I am pleased to say that Kenny and Allie's storyKiss Me, I Dare Youis written.  It is part of a spin off from the Double D series which will be thirteen stories.  Allie is Erlyne "Edie" Eaton's sister (from Kiss Me Cross-Eyed), and the youngest of the five, fiery red-heads.  Her story just naturally evolved out of Edie and Finn's story.  More importantly, I did finish writing the novel in 2015, but revising and editing has taken some time.  Bummer!  Wouldn't it be great if books evolved from the brain to the screen without needing revising and editing.  In a perfect world...sigh!

Still in the works as of December 8, 2016:

Midnight Kiss.  This is the story of Alden Black's best friend, Rusty Blalock from Kiss Me Senseless.  He deserves a story of his own, or so I have been told.  I agree.  I have written the prologue, but the problem is that I am feeling sorry for Cassie Kidman, the woman who was scorned, or maybe a better term is dropped like a hot potato, by Rusty Blalock when Hilda Marie Turner comes to town for Alden's wedding.  It will be interesting to see how this story turns out.  Rusty, the Tim McGraw wanna be and Ben Black's nemisis, (no he doesn't sing, but maybe he could be into Karaoke...hmmm)  may have to make a difficult choice--the woman he has adored from afar for years or the woman who adores him and lives right here in Miller, Texas.  Or, Cassie may get her own story with a hero who loves and adores her and isn't hung up on someone else.  I am not sure yet.  Hilda is going to have to be an awesome woman to sweep in and steal Rusty away from Cassie.  Just saying!

New to this page are:

Kiss Me, Not Likely.  The story of Masie Eaton, sister number 2, and Micah, the world class chef and third partner of the Double D Roadhouse.  The other partners are Dean Dillard (Kiss Me Stupid) and Doyle Allen Tidwell, cousin to the Eaton girls.  Masie left Micah and Miller, married the super-stud, internationally famous chef, Creighton Landry, and never looked back, until her marriage bombed, her grandmother passsed away, and her family conned her into moving back to Miller to open a Bed and Breakfast.  The competition between these two should provide some well-seasoned entertainment.

 Kiss Me, Like You Mean It.  This is Kathleen Truetta "Katie" Eaton Birdwell's story.  As the oldest Eaton sisters, she has always been the one that the other sisters looked up to.  Now her marriage of twenty years is in trouble.  Her stubborn nature has her at odds with Lance, and much to her dismay, the ladies in Miller, namely one shapely, young brunette with no scruples, and 20 years Lance's junior, Vivian Hansen, are quick to blatantly attempt to poach her man.  Katie is furious and hurt.  They may be separated.  He may be living in his own digs, but he is still her  husband.  Hers.  She has a difficult choice to make if she wants to keep Lance, and keeping him may not be as easy because every time she turns around, Vivian is all over him.  Will Katie wise up before she loses her man? 

Olivia Farrell's story is percolating in my brain, but I don't have a title for it.  Although I am liking the title, Kiss Me, You Big Lug.  What do you think?  Olivia's hero, a cousin of Dean Dillard's, the man Olivia Jean has crushed on for years who just recently married Chloe Carter (the blonde bombshell from Kiss Me Stupid), Ryder E. Dillard  (the E stands for Elvis, which he hates) comes back to Miller to find Iggie Eaton and deliver a message from her late husband, Colin.   He never intends to stay, nor is he looking for love because he thinks he is in love with Iggie.  Only he has left his visit too long because Iggie, after years of mourning, is falling in love with another man.  For her part, Olivia is wary of her feelings for the dashing war hero, Ryder, due to his resemblance to Dean. Can Olivia get past his looks and see him for the man he is, a man who would give his life for her?

And I guess that's all, folks.  At least as of December 8, 2016, that is.

Who knows what 2017 will bring?

So Bring On


Novellas in the works for 2015

May 9, 2015

I have been extremely busy for a few weeks working on this novella.  I used NaNoWRIMo April writing camp as motivation to get the story on paper.  Now I am editing, editing, editing.  Don't want any more reviews that ding me for silly mistakes.  LOL.  Seriously, I am excited to give Allie and Kenny their own story.  Can't wait to share it with you.  If you want to keep up their story, you can read it on Wattpad.  I'd love to hear what you think of Kenny and Allie.

Image of Allie courtsey of photostock at 
Image of Kenny courtesy of imagertymajestic at

I've been working on the cover for The Infamous Eaton Sisters: Book 1

Do you like a good romance with a enough sizzle to feel real?

If you answered yes, then
Kiss Me, I Dare You 
The Infamous Eaton Sisters: Book One
is the story for you.
It won't cause you to blush or make you uncomfortable if you are reading it in the doctor's office, but it might make you laugh out loud, and it will definitely make you sigh.

It will draw you into Allie and Kenny's romance and make you wish you lived in Miller so you could be a part of their story.  

If you want to get started reading Allie's story today, for a limited time it will be available on Wattpad.  I uploaded Chapters 1 & 2 today.

Moments, hours, eons later, Kenny  lifted his head and stared at Allie with tortured eyes.
Allie smiled at him, it’s about time, she thought, but before she could form the words to tell him how wonderful his kiss had been, he released her and grabbed his head between both hands and squeezed hard.
“Arrrhhh,” Kenny growled.  “I can’t deal with this right now.” Pushing past her, he strode out of the room and left Allie standing, mouth open, heart gaping.
“You’re leaving,” she asked, raising her voice so he could hear her.
“Yeah,” he said in a gruff voice that hinted at the confusion that filled him.  He slammed his hand against the door frame and stopped for a second.  “I need to think,” he threw back at her.  Without waiting for her response, he yanked the door opened.
“Fine,” she yelled after him.  “You go think.  I am going out with Lazarus.  Maybe I’ll see you around.”
Kenny paused for a second, then stomped off without comment.

Image courtesy of photostock at

The Infamous Eaton Sisters--3 novellas that complete the story of these fiesty sisters.  Edie and Iggie's stories are part of the 13 @the Double D Series.  Allie, Katie, Masie, and we will add Olivia Farrell in there to make it even, will each have their own novella. So that makes it 4 novellas in all.  Sounds like a boxed set to me.  :)

Kiss Me, If You Dare (Book 1 of the Imfamous Eaton Sisters)

First up: Allie and Kenny have unfinished business.  Kenny has accepted that his brother Finnley is the man for Edie, but he isn't ready to put his heart on the line yet again, despite his attraction to Edie's younger sister, Allie.  Allie refuses Kenny's offer of friendship.  She wants more than friendship--much more, so she turns up the heat with a challenge she hopes he will not be able to resist--Kiss Me, If You Dare.
Meet Alleen Laverne Eaton aka Allie to her friends.

Midnight Kiss

When Hilda comes to Miller for Alden Adair Black's wedding, the chemisty between her and Rusty Blalock (the best friend from Kiss Me Senseless) is off the chain.  Yet Rusty lacks the courage to make his move and Hilda returns to New York non the wiser.  When she shows up again for Christmas with the Blacks, he knows that he must seize the day.  Will Hilda Marie Turner shut him down, or will she invite him for a Midnight Kiss?

Meet Hilda Marie Turner
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