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ALittleBitOfMiller: Author's Page: Welcome to A Little Bit of Miller The Official Blog Of the Double D Series. April 27, 2015 Today, Faith Blum, autho...

A Good Romance


April 27, 2015 April is one of those monthsthat can’t seem to make up its mind.One year hot.The next year cold.Old folks claim that the last cold spell comes Easter weekend. Easter came early in April this year, so that’s probably the reason for the unstable temperatures these last few weeks.But that bit of folklore begs the question: How would Mother Nature know when Easter weekend is?Just one of the many questions that life has no answer for. (Yes, it's okay to end a sentence with a preposition.)  Millerites have enjoyed some beautiful days sprinkled in with a lot of rain.  This blogger is ready for a few more rainbows and a little less rain.

Since we have had an unusually high number of romances budding in our little berg, it seems prudent to pass this little tidbit on to all the potential Millerite brides-to-be.  Days to avoid when setting your wedding day, if you're the superstitious sort--Friday the thirteen:  November 13, 2015, May…

It's Raining Fish


April 11, 2015
What is the world coming to?  There was a report of a woman in Canada witnessing a fish diving out a tree in her backyard.  It fell out of a cedar tree and lived to tell the tale.  For sure the poor thing was flopping around like a...well, no groaning...a fish out of water.  The rescuer identified the tree climbing fish as a Midas cichlid, which is a fish native to South America.  One of this intrepid blogger's favorite Einstein quotes seems tailor made for this event.  According to Einstein, "Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."  Too bad Einstein didn't live long enough to see that some fish just don't want to be considered stupid.

 Curiosity got the better of this blogger, was this the only time an idiom came to life?  Google is amazing, BTW.  A google search revealed another incident of fish falling from the sky…

The Cadbury Bunny Has Arrived In Miller.

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Thanks, now to your regularly scheduled blog.
April 5, 2015

Ta Da! The Cadbury Bunny has arrived which means it's Easter Sunday.  Guess there won't be many little ones hunting Easter Eggs at the John G. Miller Park today--not with the rain coming down in buckets.  This blogger sincerely hopes that Millerites took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to participate in the Miller's Annual Bunny Hop and Egg Hunt.  Today, the church parking lots were filled to overflowing as is the norm on Easter Sunday, although if you only drag yourself to church twice a year (Christmas and Easter) you might want to examine your faith a little closer.  Seeing everyone dressed in their Easter finery brings back memories of childhood.  Scratchy suits, wrinkly tights, hats, and white gloves, all stained with streaks of fresh green after ru…