Doyle Allen's Golf Ball Carvings

Curious about those little golf ball carvings that Chloe fell in love with?

Want to order one of your own as a souvenir of a great read?

Well, today is your lucky day.  The link below is to Doyle Allen's Etsy Store.  Order as many as you want, and check back often.  More will be added as time permits.

A preview of the items available.  See one you like feel free to buy it.
Not All Violets Are Purple
You Make Me Cross-eyed
Bear Foot
One of my most popular designs

Add your own initials
I Give You My Heart

My Eyes on You.
Crazy For You
Double Sided Flower

Double Sided Flower side 2
Keep It Clean
The Better To Taste You With
Personalized Key Chain
Chocolate Flower
Chocolate Flower Take 2
Tongues A-Wagging


Kneel at the Cross
Old Weathered Clown


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