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Gotta Love the Underdog


December 8, 2014 Historic newsflash. Bet you are thinking that this blog is going to be about Pearl Harbor.  You would be wrong.  Not, mind you, that this blogger doesn’t think that the 73rd anniversary of the attack on our country isn’t worthy of a mention. 
 It is. 

However, today it is the first ever College Football Playoff that catches the spotlight.  Four teams have been chosen to compete in this history making playoffs--Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio.  Finally, after years of fist thumping, the masses have a playoff, if a two game bracket can be called a playoff.  Four teams will have the chance to put it all on the gridiron, go toe to toe across the fifty, and juke their way into the annals of football history.  Number four seed Ohio gets the dubious honor of playing number one seed Alabama, which means in theory Ohio has a chance of being number one in the nation.  Win, lose, or draw, it will be one for the record books. …