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Wedding Bells are ringing, just like I told you they would.


June 30, 2014

Wedding bells are ringing.    Friday, July 4th.  That’s the winning date.  What is it about weddings that makes a body so mushy?  Seeing a bride all gussied up in white standing on an old pier with a pine tree forest behind her, her long black hair a riot of curls, her blue eyes sparkling, her face so beautiful that more than one man has swallowed his tongue looking at it, and  beaming at the camera, well it just melts the heart.  Word on the street is that all the bride’s pictures were taken at the farm by Picture it Perfect.  Xena, Miller’s very own warrior princess, did an amazing job, as always.  She will also be shooting the wedding photos.  The farm was the perfect setting for the former snowbird and her bridal party.  Farmboy did good, don’t you think Millerites?

Having said that, this intrepid blogger couldn’t help but notice that some feathers were ruffled with the wedding party arrived.  That little redhead from N …

At the Corner of Beryl and Wardley

ALittleBitofMiller@theDoubleD.bloggingmylifeaway June 14, 2014 Silivia Erlyne West Eaton. (02-02-1929 to 06-13-2014)

Sometime the world is a sad place to live in.  No matter how many times you hear the old saying--You can be sure of only two things—death and taxes--the truth of it never really sinks in until you have to stand at the graveside of someone you love.  Death respects no one.  No one rises above it.  No one escapes it. No one cheats it.  Miller will miss the lady who reigned our little town from the corner of Beryl and Wardley. She was a Steel Magnolia long before Steel Magnolia hit the big screen.  Rest in peace, Miss Silivia.  You will be missed. If you’re thinking that there will be no gossip, then you’d be mistaken.  Miss Silivia herself would be the first to tell us we need to get on with business as usual.  So in honor of Miller’s true Steel Magnolia here is the latest tantalizing tidbits hot off the streets.  There is a great deal of excitement out at the farm as the day …