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Remembering the Challeger

January 28, 2017

On this day in 1986, NASA suffered a devastating loss. Not the first loss, by any means, but one that would become an albatross around NASA's neck for years to come and halt all future launches for three years.  Maybe it was because there had been so much publicity before launch that this tragedy captured the nation.  Early in 1985, to boost the public's interest in space, our then president, Ronald Reagan, launched the Teacher in Space Program.  Christa McAuliffe, a teacher from New Hampshire, won the opportunity to be NASA's first "Teacher in Space."  One winner; 10462 losers.  As the winner, she was to travel with the crew of the space shuttle, deliver a lesson from space, return to Earth and take her place in history as the first civilian in space.  A Cinderella story of a sort, only no prince at the end.  No HEA.  Instead a watery grave for McAuliffe and an ending to a dream that cut deep into the heart of humanity leaving an aching scar and…

Can I Get a Snow Day?

January 12, 2017 As I sit here and listen to the weather for the next few days, high 50s with a less than 40% chance of rain during the day; low 30s at night, I can’t help but feel a little relieved. Especially when The Weather Channel flashed a map of all the places in the U S that it's snowing today.  Brrrrr! So. Glad. I'm. Not. In. The. Northwest. Today.  Animals at the Portland Zoo feel a little differently. They seem to be enjoying their "closed because of heavy snow" day the way that school kids do when school is closed because of snow. If you have trouble getting the video to play, you can view it on youtube at this link: First Day of Snow at Portland Zoo.

Don't worry folks if the rumors are a little thin today. You know that this blogger has an ear to ground for all the latest gossip and will fill you in later...on that you can be sure.  Things are definitely heating up in Miller, even if the temps are warm enough to shed the old jacket and roll up your sle…