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Light up the sky!


July 1, 2013

Will Washington ever get it right?  Wikileaks.  What will it be next?  Okay, this blogger is not going to go down that road.  Plenty of blogs out there weighing in on this mess, and any fool knows that one subject best left alone is politics, so let’s move on to something less volatile.  

Like fireworks.  Yep, it is the week of the 4th.  Many of you will head on over to Lake Jacksonville and watch the city’s firework show.  It’s pretty impressive.  Just remember, as you make your plans to celebrate Independence Day, this is the time of year that we have to be exceptionally careful.  Too many young ‘uns end up in the emergency room every year because they mishandle fireworks.  Too many of our fields and pastures get burned because adults mishandle fireworks. So, have fun, but be safe.  Final word of warning, you are responsible morally, legally, and financially if you mess up. Nuff said.

With that in mind, JJ will have his annua…