@the Double D Series

@ the Double D Series

Welcome to Miller, Texas, a little town somewhere in East Texas that is fast becoming the Wedding Capital of Texas.  It seems that love is in the air and the citizens of Miller (Millerites) are all atwitter.  Now that you are here, put your feet up, sit a spell, and enjoy the stories of men and women of Miller.    

đź”» Good news.  No, GREAT NEWS!!!
Book 1: Kiss Me Senseless, 

Book 2: Kiss Me Stupid,
Book 3: Kiss Me Cross-eyed 

are online ready for you to purchase.

Download all three for $4.99 on

 December 16, 2016.  

July 3, 2015

Books 1, 2, and 3 are temporarily unavailable for purchase.  They are under revision.  Thanks for your support.  I’ll let you know when I put them back on Amazon. But feel free to browse through their pages, read the excerpts, watch the trailers, and listen to the music.

Dee Kay Strawbridge
A stirring romance about a second chance at love.

An intriguing story about finding love unexpectedly.
An epic tale of love, feuds, and forgiveness.

Book 3: Kiss Me Cross-eyed

Book 4: Kiss Me Bonkers

Book 13: Kiss Me Goodbye


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