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What's a Phobia or Two Among Friends?


October 13, 2014 Here is an amazing bit of reality.  Most elementary students don’t know what Columbus Day is.  How can that be?  Don’t they teach that poem in school anymore? You know the one:

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue,Looking for land and riches, too,As over the waters he flew.Hello, India! Oh,no! Boo hoo hoo!It is the Americas one and twoOh well, Columbus, we still thank you.
Okay, this intrepid blogger wrote those last lines, but someone needed to. How do today’s kids not know the history of Columbus’ voyages, and what they mean to our country? Forget PC stuff. It’s okay that he wasn't the first man to set foot on western shores. It’s okay, well not really, but we can’t change his nature at this late date, so it’s okay that he wasn't the greatest role model. He was cruel. Heartless even. Sort of puffed up and thinking a little bit too much of himself, but he had just discovered Am…