School could be out for the summer.

May 27, 2015

Tomorrow will be day three of no school.  Parents and teachers in Miller are beginning to despair.  The storm that blew through East Texas Monday night knocked down trees and power lines and interrupted electrical services to most of the northern half of Cherokee county.  All three of the schools in Miller are without electricity.  Every day at four o’clock the school officials meet and make a decision as to whether or not to have school the next day.  With seven and a half days of school after Memorial Day, (three of which have now been cancelled) parents are in a quandary.  Do I hang in here day to day, or do I ship the kids off to grandma’s house for the next two weeks?  

Crews are hard at work trying to get the trees off the roads and electricity restored, but evening thunderstorms hamper their efforts.  Teachers, the very people who are normally ready for school to be over, are chomping at the bits to get back into the school so they can get those end of year chores out of the way.  The fear is that these days missed will have to be made up, dragging out the end of school into the second week of June.  Nobody wants that.  It could be worse, flooding is minimal, and there have been no casualties.  Compared with other parts of the state, the damage here in Miller is not so bad.  

You hear that a lot around town, usually accompanied with a head shake and a sigh.  Don’t think us ungrateful, but knowing that someone else has it worse, doesn’t really help when you have been without electricity for two days, or have a tree uprooted and smashed into your living room, or water standing three feet high in your house.  The storms will pass, the sun will shine, and the school issue will be settledeventually.  In the meantime, this intrepid blogger thinks that we should all get out and lend a hand to help get out community back on track.

Scenes from around Cherokee County.

blog entry is based on actual fact, but names have been changed to fit the fictional series @the Double D.


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