No April showers, just heat, heat, heat!

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April 15, 2013

Hot and dry

Smokey the Bear has all of Cherokee County on high alert, which means no burning. Let me repeat that. No. Burning. Unless of course you want to take a chance of burning half the county and getting yourself a whopping big fine when the fire chief pays you a visit. I know the poem says April showers bring May flowers, but so far April has not brought any showers to Cherokee County. Lakes are suffering. Wildlife is suffering. Tempers are suffering—the heat makes us all a little crazy. Remember that before you give into a little, well, let’s call it, HEAT RAGE.
  Speaking of getting a little hot under the collar, today is the last day to file your income taxes on time. There is no point in griping about it. Griping just makes the people listening to you want to tell you to stick a sock in your pie hole. Truth is nobody likes to have the government taking money out of their pocket, but with the threat of IRS audits, most Americans file their tax return. Even if you don’t owe money, the government gets a little hot under the collar back at you if you don’t file your return. They don’t like owing you money, any more than you like owing them money. Go figure, right? What are you going to do? Pull a Lady Godiva? Not many people remember that her famous ride through Coventry sans clothing was a protest of overly harsh taxation. A bare bareback ride might have worked in the 11th century, but these days it would only land you in the clink with the IRS breathing down your neck. The post office will be open until midnight so you can get those forms mailed on time, but please, don’t go all Lady Godiva when you make your mad rush to the post office. Uncle Sam is not akin to the Earl of Coventry. If you decide to go the bare bareback ride route, you will have to deal with a whale of a lot more than one Peeping Tom.


Speaking of things heating up, this intrepid blogger has been keeping an eye on our little snowbird. Word around town is that a certain farmboy picked her up from the airport.  Interesting.  Oh to have been a fly on the headliner of his truck. Now that she is back in the nest, our farmer is suspiciously MIA.  He’s still in Miller, just keeping out of sight. Could it be that having his FF (former fiancée) right on his doorstep has him lying low?  Hmmm.  Wonder how that’s working for him.  Friday is the big Welcome Back shindig.  Will he make an appearance? Don’t you fret, nothing gets by this blogger.  Whatever happens, you can read about it here.

Meanwhile, the fish are biting.  Might be time to wet a hook.  Hey, if you don’t catch any fish, you can at least cool off by taking a quick dip.  Bet the water is the lake is plenty cool enough to take the edge of this little heatwave.  All this talk of fishing makes this intrepid blogger think it’s a good time for a little family time at the lake.  Catch you on the flip-flop.
Come on.  One of you guys needs to take the bait.

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