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November 17, 2014

Say it ain't so, Mo.  Frosty pod.  Sounds like a Disney character, right?  But frosty pod isn’t a cute cuddly creature sent from some animated studio to babysit your children while you get supper ready after a hard day at work.  Smart people should fear frosty pod, which is a fungal disease.  That’s right, a fungal disease. Other than scientists, who has even heard of this fungal disease?  Well, if you haven’t heard of it before take heed of this blogger’s warning.  Frosty pod is responsible for destroying approximately 40% of the world’s production of cocoa.  Why should you care?  One reason and one reason only—less cocoa mean less chocolate.  According to the experts we are in danger of having a chocolate shortage.  Not just a shortage, but a major shortage these experts warn.  Now, this blogger is aware that in the scheme of things, a chocolate shortage doesn’t seem all that noteworthy, but give it some thought.  What will all those crabby people do when there aren’t enough Snickers Bars to transform them
imagine from / Boisans Cho Joo Young  
back into their true selves?  The mind boggles.  The latest reports say that 70,000 metric tons of chocolate were consumed last year.  That’s a lot of chocolate.  The demand is expected to increase at the same time production is decreasing.  This could be the cause of World War III. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

So what is the gossip of the day?  This blogger can report that a certain MOS has been on the road a lot in the past few weeks, burning up the road between Miller and Houston.  Not it would seem to court CC the BB.  Okay, maybe it is a tiny bit about courting the lady from Houston.  More will be revealed later.  The BNDs are still feuding over the GNDs.  It’s enough to make one wish for a score card to keep up with the whole mess.  And one can’t forget those bouquets of flowers that appear at
image from / tiverylucky
the Double D every Monday morning.  Rumor has it that an identical bouquet is delivered to CC the BB in Houston each Monday as well.  It might be time for DD the MOS to make his intentions known.  You can be sure that this blogger will be listening, and as soon as there is any mention of an end to the moratorium on dating, you can read about it here.
Meanwhile, don’t let these cool, sunny days entice you to go for a walk in the woods.  Hunters are notorious for having selective eye-sight.  That means that anything moving in the woods looks like a trophy deer to them.  Best to stay out of the woods and let the hunters focus on the real deer.  Nuff said.
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