Can I Get a Snow Day?

January 12, 2017
As I sit here and listen to the weather for the next few days, high 50s with a less than 40% chance of rain during the day; low 30s at night, I can’t help but feel a little relieved. Especially when The Weather Channel flashed a map of all the places in the U S that it's snowing today.  Brrrrr!
So. Glad. I'm. Not. In. The. Northwest. Today.  Animals at the Portland Zoo feel a little differently. They seem to be enjoying their "closed because of heavy snow" day the way that school kids do when school is closed because of snow. If you have trouble getting the video to play, you can view it on youtube at this link: First Day of Snow at Portland Zoo.  

Don't worry folks if the rumors are a little thin today. You know that this blogger has an ear to ground for all the latest gossip and will fill you in later...on that you can be sure.  Things are definitely heating up in Miller, even if the temps are warm enough to shed the old jacket and roll up your sleeves.  Does anyone else find it odd that that our own Fast Gun (FG) has been mum about her recent trip to Vegas?  Have you ladies noticed that there is a new Handsome Hunk (HH) in town.  And said HH recently spent time in Vegas?  Several folks have noticed that he spends a lot of time at the tattoo parlor owner by none other than FG.  The word on the street is that FG and HH took a side trip to a little chapel for a little ceremony Elvis style. Neither party is wearing a ring or saying just what happened in Vegas.  If they think what happened in Vegas is going to stay in Vegas, they are just fooling themselves. This bears watching, and trust the curiosity, some call it plain old nosiness(How rude!), of this intrepid blogger, if love is being inked on someone's heart, you can read all about it hear.

Meanwhile, don’t leave home without several layers.  This time of year, the weather can't be trusted.  It can be 70° one minute and cold enough to freeze your booty off the next.  Not that we all couldn't use a little less booty, but frost bite is not the way to lose those unwanted pounds.  Nuff said.

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