What Have You Sacrificed?

The U. S. Army, from Revolutionary to Present
What Have You Sacrificed?

If you live in the United States, or any country that embraces the freedoms of its citizens, then you know that freedom comes with a price. A deadly price.

From the birth of our nation to the present, men and women have fought and died to assure that the citizens of this country have the freedoms guaranteed them by the constitution.  And yes, that includes the right to criticize all things American, if that’s is your thing.  HOWEVER, that same constitution does not guarantee you that your ranting will not have consequences, or that everyone will agree with you and embrace your opinions, as some celebrities are finding out to their chagrin.  Still, it is your right to speak your mind.

Personally, it makes this blogger very sad to see so many people dishonoring the people who sacrificed everything to protect this country. In every community, there are mothers, fathers, wives, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that grieve the loss of a loved one; no doubt such censure rings across their hearts like a slap in the face sharpening the grief that clings with needle sharp talons to their souls. IMO such disrespect borders on treason, but…
This blogger isn’t interested in debating the rights or wrongs of the military, war, or the ills of our political system.  Nor is this outpouring of feeling intended to put down people who oppose any of the above.  Your opinion is your opinion, and as was stated previously, it is your right to speak it, from the mountain tops if you chose. 

So, for today, let’s leave that subject and move on.  In fact, it is appropriate at this point to borrow from President Kennedy’s famous speech and ask:  What have you sacrificed for your freedom?  Or you have you lived your whole life as the beneficiary of someone else’s sacrifice?  For most of us, the answer to these questions, if you are perfectly honest, is “Nothing!” and “Yes.”  Nothing!—and Yes!  Now, think about this, what are you willing to sacrifice for your country?

For those of you who need facts to go with your pancakes, here you go.  The first Memorial Day was observed in 1868.  It has been an official national holiday since 1966.  The purpose of the day is to remember soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice (died) in matters domestic and foreign.  The number of people who have died to defend our freedom totals more than 1.1 million.  ONE POINT, ONE MILLION MEN AND WOMEN.

 1,100,000 people.  Doesn’t matter how it’s written, it resounds across the battlefields, past and present, with a million or more cries of grief, and though some of those death were revolutionary in nature, their echoes leave a long, deep tear across the depth and breath of our nation’s collective soul.

Regardless of your opinion, man up and take a minute and be thankful for the people who are willing to sacrifice their all for our freedom and feel some empathy for their loved ones who are struggling to find a way to come to terms with the price of our freedom. 



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