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Gotta Love the Underdog


December 8, 2014 Historic newsflash. Bet you are thinking that this blog is going to be about Pearl Harbor.  You would be wrong.  Not, mind you, that this blogger doesn’t think that the 73rd anniversary of the attack on our country isn’t worthy of a mention. 
 It is. 

However, today it is the first ever College Football Playoff that catches the spotlight.  Four teams have been chosen to compete in this history making playoffs--Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio.  Finally, after years of fist thumping, the masses have a playoff, if a two game bracket can be called a playoff.  Four teams will have the chance to put it all on the gridiron, go toe to toe across the fifty, and juke their way into the annals of football history.  Number four seed Ohio gets the dubious honor of playing number one seed Alabama, which means in theory Ohio has a chance of being number one in the nation.  Win, lose, or draw, it will be one for the record books. …

Say it ain't so, Mo


November 17, 2014 Say it ain't so,Mo.  Frosty pod.  Sounds like a Disney character, right?  But frosty pod isn’t a cute cuddly creature sent from some animated studio to babysit your children while you get supper ready after a hard day at work.  Smart people should fear frosty pod, which is a fungal disease.  That’s right, a fungal disease. Other than scientists, who has even heard of this fungal disease?  Well, if you haven’t heard of it before take heed of this blogger’s warning.  Frosty pod is responsible for destroying approximately 40% of the world’s production of cocoa.  Why should you care?  One reason and one reason only—less cocoa mean less chocolate.  According to the experts we are in danger of having a chocolate shortage.  Not just a shortage, but a major shortage these experts warn.  Now, this blogger is aware that in the scheme of things, a chocolate shortage doesn’t seem all that noteworthy, but give it some thought.  What wil…

The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month

November 10, 2014

It would seem that we have become a society that marks the passing of time by the big five holidays our government considers worthy of time off for the masses--New Year's Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Card companies, like Hallmark, have added some of the lesser holidays to the list--Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day. Yet some of the most deserving holidays are ignored. No, I am not going to rant like I did about Columbus Day, but I do think that it is noteworthy that our stores are currently filled the all the accouterments of Thanksgiving and the first rush of the Christmas blitz because these two holidays generate dollars in the store's cash registers--the bottom line rules in a capitalist society while the holiday celebrating the men and women who serve in the armed services is largely ignored. This intrepid blogger went on a search for Veteran’s Day…

What's a Phobia or Two Among Friends?


October 13, 2014 Here is an amazing bit of reality.  Most elementary students don’t know what Columbus Day is.  How can that be?  Don’t they teach that poem in school anymore? You know the one:

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue,Looking for land and riches, too,As over the waters he flew.Hello, India! Oh,no! Boo hoo hoo!It is the Americas one and twoOh well, Columbus, we still thank you.
Okay, this intrepid blogger wrote those last lines, but someone needed to. How do today’s kids not know the history of Columbus’ voyages, and what they mean to our country? Forget PC stuff. It’s okay that he wasn't the first man to set foot on western shores. It’s okay, well not really, but we can’t change his nature at this late date, so it’s okay that he wasn't the greatest role model. He was cruel. Heartless even. Sort of puffed up and thinking a little bit too much of himself, but he had just discovered Am…

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Dark of Night

September 29, 2014
All the rain falling in our neck of the woods lately has the citizens of Miller feeling a little like ducks.  Although rumor has it that ducks don’t like the rain any more than humans.  True or not true?  Good question.  No ducks could be bothered to answer that question with anything other than a raucous, “Quack! Quack!”  But it isn’t ducks that that come to mind on this dreary Monday morning, day number seven of rain, rain, and more rain. 

 Okay, now you’re thinking about Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, right?  You know, water, water, every where, / and not a drop to drink.  No.  That isn’t what’s on tap for today.  He! He!  Today is about the post office.  Usually the mail runs by nine in the morning.  Not today.  Today it is nearly noon and no mail yet.  Is it a federal holiday, you know one of those that only government employees, banks, and the post office get off?  Nope.  Today is not a holiday.  Now, what could be holding up the…

A Blog By Any Other Name

September 22, 2014
Blogging.  This intrepid blogger had no idea that keeping a blog going would be so much work…or so much fun.  The truth is many people blog every day.  To blog, which is a shorten version of the weblog (remember everything on the net is written without spaces, so weblog equals web log.) is to open up your personal, but hopefully not private, journal to anyone who wants to read it.   Blogs range from how to care for plants to what to do if you find yourself confronted by an angry zebra in the pride lands of Africa.  Okay, so maybe Disney’s Lion King is playing the background, but if you look hard enough I’m sure that someone has advice to give on either the above sit-chi-ations.  So why this blog?  Why a blog about a little town in Texas so remote that most people have never heard of it, can’t find it on a map, and believe is fictional?  An aside if I may, if Miller, Texas is fictional, what does that make the blogger?  A figment of the figment of someone’s imaginatio…


September 15, 2014 Well, if you are a werewolf, then you probably loved the summer of 2014.  The full supermoons, the last of which was the 9th of September, made a big splash in the media.  And yep, there are some amazing pictures, but in this intrepid blogger’s opinion the moon itself is amazing, whether or not it appears gigantic on the horizon, shades of Joe and The Volcano.  Who remembers that movie?  Anyhoo, nothing better than taking a telescope out and staring at the sky on a clear night, unless it’s staring at the stars in your SOs eyes.  Still, all in all, it is a relief to report, despite the appearance of three super-sized full moons, werewolf activity in and around Miller did not increase significantly.  Still just the one Lone Wolf out on highway 135. Awwoooooo!  On a slightly different note, or maybe not—because being moon struck might be the cause of all the tension between the BNDs—rumor has it, and everyone knows how muc…