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Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: Sights and Sounds of Miller.
  Congratulations Candace Drinkwater

May, 6, 2013

After our brief, but heavy, rain the May flowers are everywhere.  Bees are buzzing.  Swings are swinging.  Laughter filled the John B. Miller Park this weekend. With this sudden rush to be outdoors comes…you guessed it, baseball fever.  The MCHS boys are hanging up their cleats for the season.  Sadly they were beat out in the 2A area tournament by a powerhouse team from Edgewood.  Coach Peterson did a fine job with our boys this year.  Go Huskies!  The girls’ softball team is still hanging in there.  If they win the regional quarterfinals tournament this weekend against Lone Oak, it’s on to the semifinals.  Good luck Lady Huskies and Coach Olsen. Miller is behind you all the way.  Ah, the memories.

LOL.  My agent about town, so beware!
With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to a certain snowbird and farm boy who, if rumors are correct, got caught up in a little Houston Astros fever this weekend.  The Astros came out on the losing end of their contest with the Tigers, but I know you really want to know how the farm boy fared.  Well…this intrepid blogger heard from a friend who is a friend who is a friend of a friend…you get the point (or if you don’t get the point, the point is that this blogger has eyes and ears everywhere).  The gist of the salacious rumor running rapidly through our little berg is that we might be seeing these two around Miller together—like as a couple.  No mention of wedding bells yet, but it’s early days.  As for seeing AA and BB out and about, my bet is that we will see them at the Double D first.  Everyone in Miller shows up at the DD for Chef M’s All You Can Eat Catfish.  So….keep your eyes peeled.  And check back, you know the minute this intrepid blogger finds out anything it will posted here on this blog. 

Meanwhile, if you are attending any of the baseball or softball games our kids are playing, don’t park in the front row.  Find you a place way in the back out of the range of high flying fly balls.  If you mess up and become the victim of a fly ball, Harvey Waller’s shop, You Crash ‘Em and We Fix ‘Em, is offering a discount on windshield replacement.

Might this gallant blogger humbly note, that ALittleBitofMiller now has over 500 hundred followers?  That is half of the population of Miller.  Okay, you’re right, it is hard to brag and be humble.  Keep those comments and posts coming.

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