Hit by lightning. Sizzle. Sizzle.

Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: Sights and Sounds of Miller.
  Congratulations Candace Drinkwater
June 17, 2013

Whoo! Whee!  That was some storm that blew through here this past weekend.  Knocked down power lines, tore up trees, had all of Miller thinking that a tornado was headed straight for our little neck of these here piney woods.   This intrepid blogger can’t remember ever seeing so much lightning.  There was a time that lightning flashed so fast and so bright that it felt like aliens might be landing in our backyards.  This morning, even though the Double D was buzzing with all the damage wrought, there have been no alien sightings reported.  So guess that’s a positive from a negative.  However, Millerites are having to put up with the inconvenience of not having electricity.  Old Harold over at Meade’s Feed and Seed is running a special on generators.  Might be the time to check out how much it would set a body back to get one.  No deaths and no one injured, Millerites have much to be thankful for.  Yes sir, they sure do.  If you don’t believe this blogger, you have only to check out the number of cars in the twelve churches in Miller yesterday.  Parking lots were full to the brim.

Having said that, it is an ill wind that blows no good.  The storm took Millerite’s minds off the Lady Huskies painful loss.  They came in third in state, not that being third is bad, just disappointing for Coach Olsen and the girls.  Always next year.  That’s our battle cry now!!!
With that in mind, there have been some sightings, not of the alien variety, that have the town buzzing, nonetheless.  AA and BB aka snowbird and farm boy, have been keeping company quite a bit lately.  The FFs were spotted sitting together at church several Sundays in a row, and by all accounts the two were even seen at The Filling Station eating some of the FBQ’s (former beauty queen’s) famous blueberry waffles last Saturday.  Even more interesting, they were sharing a paradise pie at Baker Beau’s Wedding Emporium in Tyler.   Yep.  I said Wedding Emporium.  Do you think they were there just because the pie is so yummy?  This intrepid blogger thinks not. Could it be that Miller has become their paradise?  Interesting thought, but wasn’t there a serpent in paradise?  Or was that the Garden of Eden?  No matter, despite the numerous sightings, there is no talk of marriage.  Have faith, my fine fellow Millerites, he will woo her and win her back.  Wedding bells will ring, just be sure you have the right date, when they do.  You know that it will be posted here in a New York second as soon as it gets penciled in.
Double D Rangers are #1

Meanwhile, come out to the little league ball fields and watch our future HOFs (hall of famers) play some ball.  It means a lot to those little athletes to have people in the stands cheering them on.  The clean-up batter for the Double D Rangers hit three out of the park homeruns last Friday night.   Fourth time he came to bat, the other team refused to pitch to him.  It was beautiful, and you should have been there.

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