At the Corner of Beryl and Wardley

June 14, 2014
Silivia Erlyne West Eaton.
(02-02-1929 to 06-13-2014)

Sometime the world is a sad place to live in.  No matter how many times you hear the old saying--You can be sure of only two things—death and taxes--the truth of it never really sinks in until you have to stand at the graveside of someone you love.  Death respects no one.  No one rises above it.  No one escapes it. No one cheats it.  Miller will miss the lady who reigned our little town from the corner of Beryl and Wardley. She was a Steel Magnolia long before Steel Magnolia hit the big screen.  Rest in peace, Miss Silivia.  You will be missed.
If you’re thinking that there will be no gossip, then you’d be mistaken.  Miss Silivia herself would be the first to tell us we need to get on with business as usual.  So in honor of Miller’s true Steel Magnolia here is the latest tantalizing tidbits hot off the streets.  There is a great deal of excitement out at the farm as the day of the wedding approaches.  The Golden Years Peace Corpser spent the weekend in Miller.  Mama Golden Years had to oversee the bride’s photoshoot.  Pappa hung out at The Filling Station and filled the crew in on the advantages of using mosquito netting.  Go figure!! Our farmboy just smiles, nods, and marks the days off the calendar.  He's a might impatient, it seems.  Farmboy isn’t the only one marking days on the calendar, these days.  It has come to this blogger's attention that Our Man of Steel, Mr. DD himself, has taken a vow to abstain from dating for a year.  He's made it five months; only seven more to go.  That might account for the surly attitude of late.  This blogger wouldn’t be surprised if old DT down at the water office doesn’t have a pool on whether or not he makes it a whole year.  If such a pool exists, then you can read about it here.  From DT’s lips to the internet blog post so millions (okay that might be stretching the truth a little) of readers can read about it.  Don’t you just love technology?
It’s summer, and that means higher utility bills.  One way to conserve energy and lower your bill is to turn your AC unit down when you leave the house in the morning.  Or should you turn it up?  Neither sounds right.  Either way, 78° is the recommended temperature for the daytime hours when no one is home.  Not only does it save you money, it helps reduce the drain on the power grid, so we have less brownouts and rolling blackouts.  Make it a habit.  Don’t worry, the cats will survive, and you will save enough dinero to buy them that fancy cat food they crave.  Nuff said.
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