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September 15, 2014
Well, if you are a werewolf, then you probably loved the summer of 2014.  The full supermoons, the last of which was the 9th of September, made a big splash in the media.  And yep, there are some amazing pictures, but in this intrepid blogger’s opinion the moon itself is amazing, whether or not it appears gigantic on the horizon, shades of Joe and The Volcano.  Who remembers that movie?  Anyhoo, nothing better than taking a telescope out and staring at the sky on a clear night, unless it’s staring at the stars in your SOs eyes.  Still, all in all, it is a relief to report, despite the appearance of three super-sized full moons, werewolf activity in and around Miller did not increase significantly.  Still just the one Lone Wolf out on highway 135. Awwoooooo! 
On a slightly different note, or maybe not—because being moon struck might be the cause of all the tension between the BNDs—rumor has it, and everyone knows how much this nosey blogger loves rumors, a show down of sorts is stirring in our little town.  Reportedly BND el Segundo has his nose out of joint because of a certain GND.  The crowd at The Filling Station (TFS) is all agog because he is not reporting to work, nor has he been flitting around with GND #5.  In fact he seems to have disappeared.  Oh no!  Maybe he fell victim to the werewolves of the supermoon, or more likely the green-eye monster that doesn’t need anything more than a heavenly body to bring it to life.  Millerites, this blogger is issuing a BOLO for BND el egundo.  Report any sitings in the comment section.  What is BND numero uno up to?  Good question.  He appears to be sticking close to GND #3, in fact they were spotting making nice at Jay Simmon’s recent impromptu concert at Stanley’s.  But this blogger has it straight from the horse’s mouth, BND numero uno, that is, that the only lady of note in his life at the moment is blonde and four foot eleven inches tall.  Not sure BND el Segundo is buying that, but as always as soon as any new happens, you can read about it here, on this blog.
Meanwhile, leaves are beginning to fall, which means most Millerites will be out raking leaves.  Might want to stock up on some BenGay.  Nothing gets you down in the back faster than raking leaves, unless it’s jumping in said pile of leaves.  Some things are meant for the young, not the young at heart.  Nuff said.

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