A Blog By Any Other Name

September 22, 2014

Once a blong, always a blog.
Blogging.  This intrepid blogger had no idea that keeping a blog going would be so much work…or so much fun.  The truth is many people blog every day.  To blog, which is a shorten version of the weblog (remember everything on the net is written without spaces, so weblog equals web log.) is to open up your personal, but hopefully not private, journal to anyone who wants to read it.   Blogs range from how to care for plants to what to do if you find yourself confronted by an angry zebra in the pride lands of Africa.  Okay, so maybe Disney’s Lion King is playing the background, but if you look hard enough I’m sure that someone has advice to give on either the above sit-chi-ations.  So why this blog?  Why a blog about a little town in Texas so remote that most people have never heard of it, can’t find it on a map, and believe is fictional?  An aside if I may, if Miller, Texas is fictional, what does that make the blogger?  A figment of the figment of someone’s imagination.  Not.  This blogger is as real as your imagination allows.  Anyway, the blog exists because people like to know what is going on in their neighbor’s backyard.  It’s true.  A sad testament of the times, but true.  And as long as people enjoy gossip and keep clicking on this blog, it will exist.
Now on to the gossip…The air is turning crisp, which means most people are spending more time outside than inside. Because people rolling down their window and taking in the scenery, it has been noted that the Princess and the Cowboy have become quite a regular jogging duo.  Old news.  Still the patrons of the Double D have been treated to some rather interesting sightings over the past few weeks.  The Princess seems to bent on ignoring what is right in front of her face (the Cowboy) in favor of some odd but entertaining gentlemen.  These gentlemen have whizzed in and out of the Double D fast enough to make your head spin, and who do you think is on hand as her wingman.  Who else, but the Cowboy.  It’s all platonic, according to sources close to the duo, but this blogger says, “Hooey!”  If you were at the Miller Middle School game last Thursday, then it will be no surprise to you that this duo was spotted seated together cheering on the Huskies.   Sounds like a romance.  Like always, this blogger will keep sniffing around, and as soon as more gossip is available, it will appear here, on this blog, which now has over 20,000 followers. 
Meanwhile, be sure you have your rain gear out of moth balls.  It is supposed to be a wet fall and winter, and nothing is worse than being caught unprepared in a rainstorm in chilly weather.  Brrr.  Nuff said.
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