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September 23, 2013

One would never know from the temperature outside that summer has ended.  92ᵒ. Bring on the lemonade.  School bells are ringing, and duck hunters are lying in the marshy river bottoms waiting for the ducks to come to roost, fighting off mosquitos no doubt.  More importantly, fall sports are back.  Soccer, football, or volley ball, choose your fav.  The Huskies football team is 3-1 so far, and face their biggest district competition when they play Grapeland this Friday.  We need to fill the stands and cheer for our boys.  Let’s not forget the Lady Huskies are knee deep in volleyball as well.  The girls are heading off for a tournament in Lone Oak, and as always Millerites wish them the best.  Anyone that has time this weekend, drive on over and support these hardworking young ladies.  Go Huskies.

With that in mind this blogger is sad to report there is still no news of a reconciliation between our farmboy and snowbird.  Six weeks and counting.  Something seems to have put a spoke in the wheel of romance, but neither is talking nor have any of this bloggers sources been able to ferret out anything.  Tsk! Tsk!  No more sitting together at Sunday service.  More’s the pity.  There is even talk of disbanding the Marriage Pool.  This intrepid blogger says don’t be too hasty.  Give our farmboy time, he has grit, he’ll come through, just see if he doesn't.

Meanwhile, be especially vigilant when passing through school zones.  The speed limit is 20 mph.  By vigilant, this blogger mean that you should keep a careful eye out for the little ones.  Remember, they don’t always look both ways before they dart out into the street.  Which means, don’t be talking on your cell phone while you are in a school zone.  Not only is it against the law, yes that’s right, the police can write you a ticket for talking on the cell phone in a school zone, it is just dumb!  Our children our most precious resource, be sure you do your part and protect them by hanging up your phone.  Jumping down off my soap box now.

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