It's Raining Fish

Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: The Best of Miller, Texas
  Congratulations, Randy Rollins

April 11, 2015

What is the world coming to?  There was a report of a woman in Canada witnessing a fish diving out a tree in her backyard.  It fell out of a cedar tree and lived to tell the tale.  For sure the poor thing was flopping around like a...well, no groaning...a fish out of water.  The rescuer identified the tree climbing fish as a Midas cichlid, which is a fish native to South America.  One of this intrepid blogger's favorite Einstein quotes seems tailor made for this event.  According to Einstein, "Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid."  Too bad Einstein didn't live long enough to see that some fish just don't want to be considered stupid.

 Curiosity got the better of this blogger, was this the only time an idiom came to life?  Google is amazing, BTW.  A google search revealed another incident of fish falling from the sky.  It seems that the Canadian lady is not the only person to have fish fall at her feet.  In 2010 fish rained from the sky over Lajamanu, a small town in the Australian outback.  This particular storm of fish dropped spangled perch, but like the cichlid, they were alive when they landed. There are also reports of tadpoles skydiving in Japan, and well...if your interested, you can google it yourself.  Makes a body think, that's for sure.  Scientists have their theories, but could it be that fish are smarter than we gave them credit for being?

The rumor mill is buzzing today.  BND El Segundo was spotted with the girl from California (GFC).  They seem to be a pair these days.  Those who were rooting for a second BND and GND wedding are grousing like babies.  While BND ES is stepping out with GFC, GND#5 is being squired around town by the Tool Man (TM).  On another front, there have been some interesting developments between Princess Lea (PL) and the cowboy.  The increasingly foxy PL has a new jogging companion. The cowboy might be getting long in the tooth, but he isn't having any trouble keeping up with his woman...oops, make that this woman.  Do you hear the tinkling of bells in the distance, could it be wedding bells, again?  Does this mean that PLs profile will be yanked from Find Your One and Only's site?  What about those coffee dates with those really intereting characters--are they a thing of the past?  Cowboy claims he's just acting as her coach.  Plu-leee-se!  <eye roll>  Some of us weren't born yesterday, cowboy.  Stay tuned.  You can read the rumors right here, even if this blogger has to beat the bushes to find them.
Banoffee Pie.  Can't wait.

Meanwhile,  get your taste buds ready.  The taste of Miller is coming up in May.  Now you might think that a town with only two restaurants and one malt shop would not be the best place to have a tasting meal.  But ladies and gentlemen, if you will not want to miss this.  Not only will the Double D and The Filling Station be pulling out all the stops, but Chef M has invited some of his buddies from all around the country.  At last count, twenty five chefs had committed to be here.  Buy your tickets early, it is sure to be a sold out affair.  Nuff said.

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