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April 5, 2015

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Ta Da! The Cadbury Bunny has arrived which means it's Easter Sunday.  Guess there won't be many little ones hunting Easter Eggs at the John G. Miller Park today--not with the rain coming down in buckets.  This blogger sincerely hopes that Millerites took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to participate in the Miller's Annual Bunny Hop and Egg Hunt.  Today, the church parking lots were filled to overflowing as is the norm on Easter Sunday, although if you only drag yourself to church twice a year (Christmas and Easter) you might want to examine your faith a little closer.  Seeing everyone dressed in their Easter finery brings back memories of childhood.  Scratchy suits, wrinkly tights, hats, and white gloves, all stained with streaks of fresh green after rummaging through the tall newly sprouted grass looking for Easter eggs.  Strictly speaking, for Christians, Easter Sunday should bring thoughts of our Savior--His love, His sacrifice, His death, His resurrection.  But we live in America where religion and commercialism have blended over the decades.  As families gather around the Easter Ham (turkey, chicken, lamb, goose, or whatever) hopefully they will remember that this day has a deeper meaning than chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and dyed eggs.  Having said all that, this blogger is off to supervise the family celebration.  The rain may keep us from hunting eggs, but it won't stop us from celebrating this special day together.

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Is there gossip to be had on this rainy, gloomy day?  Is the Energizer bunny pink?  The wedding for BND Numero Uno and GND #3 is scheduled for June.  Every one in Miller knows that BND El Segundo will be acting as the BM and GND #5 will stand up as the MOH.  But did you know that after  5 months, GND #5 has called it quits with the Tool Man (TM)?  Could it be that she is hoping that she will catch the eye of BND El Segundo now that GND #3 is marrying BND Numero Uno?  At the wedding shower, held at the Double D Friday night, there was much speculation about another BND and GND wedding in the near future.  It will be interesting to see what happens as these two fulfill their BM and MOH duties.  Speaking of tying the knot, it appears that Princess Lea will soon be entering the queue of brides lining up to march down the aisle.  Her cowboy was spotted at the jewelers recently, and he wasn't window shopping.  The Chamber of Commerce might just have to change the sign outside of town from Miller: A Place to Call Home to Miller: A Place to Find Love.

Meanwhile, give a little extra encouragement to our school kids.  The state tests are upon us.  From now until May our students will be tested in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  The jury is still out on whether these test are appropriate or not--not that the state of Texas cares for the average Joe's opinion on these things.  The reality is our kids must take these test, so let's do all we can to encourage them and support their teachers.  Nuff said.

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