National Watermelon and Grab Some Nuts Day

August 3, 2015
Okay, this is too good to let pass since someone in our little berg likes to brag about being the Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion of these here parts.  Of course, Miller is a fur piece from Luling, Texas where the Guinness World Record Watermelon Seed Spiter lives.  Yes, folks, there is such a person.   The record is 68 feet 9 and 1/8 inches set by Lee Wheelis in 1989.  Be that as it may, today, August 3rd, is
National Watermelon Day. 
Now that’s a day we can sink our teeth into.  The watermelon (actually a berry rather than a melon) is synonymous with summer and picnics, and apparently today is the day to enjoy a great big juicy melon…excuse me…berry.  If you need some recipes to help you with different ways to enjoy your watermelon this link will help—  This website has a really cool stegosaurus that looks like it would be fun to make if you have kiddos, and several ways for grownups to enjoy this fruit if you are looking for more than the standard slice and dice methods.  There is another national day celebrated today
National Grab Some Nuts Day. 
 Yikes!! Okay, it’s not THAT kind of nuts, what sort of person do you think writes this blog.  Mixed nuts, people, mixed nuts.  Grab a handful of mixed nuts and crunch away.  The pecan, the almond, the pistachio, all have their own day, but August 3rd is a celebration of the goodness of all nuts.  So grab a handful.  Come on, you know you want to.  The organizers of the NationalCalendar want you to post your pictures and comments to social media using #NationalGrabSomeNutsDay.  Have fun. 
In case you want to have your own watermelon spitting contest, here are the rules for the Miller's annual contest:
First you may want to practice your technique.  If so, read How to Spit a Watermelon Seed from Texas Monthly

Rules for Seed Spitting
Presiding Judge 2015: John Eaton on account of the fact that Jessie Adair is still in Belize
Event is open to all ages. Division are as follows:
         | 0 - 6yrs | 7 - 11yrs | 12 - 16yrs | Women 16+ | Men 16+| Seniors (over 60) |

The Spitway will be 15 X 60 and laid out on a concrete surface.
  1. Rules 1-9 same as Pardeeville's rules
  2. The seed may roll, bounce, scoot, spin, skip, or flip as far as possible.  The distance it travels will be measured. (Where it ends up counts, not where it lands.)
  3. If the wind is blowing, the competition will be postponed until the wind dies down.
Happy Spitting, ya'll.




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