The Plight of the Wild Giraffe

That's one huge steak!  Google Photos.
December 8,  2016

According to African conservationists, or at least scientists that pay attention to the wildlife in Africa, giraffes in the wild are headed toward extinction.  Not that we need to worry about these long necked iconic creatures disappearing from the plains of Africa in the way that dinosaurs have.  Not yet anyway.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist, which this blogger does not purport to be, to understand
that man has a hand in this decline.   Diminishing habitat, poaching, and tribal wars are a big part of the problem, as you would expect.  Apparently, one giraffe can feed a lot of people, and for war ravaged villages that have few resources, it makes sense to take what nature provides.  It brings to mind the American West and the plight of the buffalo, only the situation in Africa is not being romanticized.   It would definitely would be a sadder world if the giraffe did go the way of the dodo bird, yet one has to wonder if extinction is the natural order of things.  Can we truly save all animals?  Should we even try?  Before you freak out and start hate bombing, remember questions bring answers.  If no one ever raises questions, then no one ever looks deeper than the surfaces of the an issue.  Despite the dire tone of the article ( Giraffe), the amazing animal will not disappear in our lifetime.  Just another problem we are leaving for our kids and grandkids to solve.


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