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January 10, 2015

It seems that the New Year always brings out the romantic side of people.  Resolutions.  The wish to be a better person.  Being grateful for all the blessing of the past year.  Appreciating the SO in your life, or wishing for a special someone to come along and sweep you off your feet.  Old man winter is settling into his element, stirring up the north winds and sending them streaking across the Canadian border.  If you live up north that means snow and subzero temperatures.  Brrrr!  I mean 9 degrees, if that isn't the perfect excuse to canoodle, then I don't know what it.  Still, in Texas, the temps don't dip that low more than once in a blue, blue, blue winter moon.  No, Texans are just normally kind of romantic.  How else do you account for the swagger?  Which leads this blogger to the point--what's with all the Valentine's?  Surely, retailers could take a brief break between holidays.  Let people enjoy these few weeks of snuggling up with their honeys before the stores bombard the world with Valentine's Day displays.  It is like the minute the bubbly pops at midnight on the thirty-first, bang! Hearts and flowers explode. Everywhere you look, from the grocery stores to the ads on the internet, sappy red hearts abound.  Makes a body weary, and take the romance right out of the season, if you ask this blogger's opinion, which maybe you did, since you are reading this post.  Ironically, all this pre-advertising doesn't seem to help.  If you don't agree, just visit a lingerie store, florist, or candy shop on February 14th.  The lines are longer than any other day of the year.  

Yikes!  See?  Even this blog has been infected with hearts and flowers.
Moving on, to a slightly less prosaic, but oddly related note --there are no new romances to report on in our little berg.  Millerites seem to be laying low because of the cold front that blew through bringing cold rain and even some sleet.  There were some reports of visitors to Miller that are of special interest.  Remember the feisty little red head that flew in for the A-B wedding.  She was seen at the Double D this past weekend, enjoying some of Chef M's delicious catfish with her good pal and former roommate.  A certain dude transplanted from New York was also there.  His former flame, the science teacher, showed up at the roadhouse to dine, as well.  For a few moments, it looked like there might be a fracas worthy of the old nighttime soap, Dallas.  Alas, the dude and the redhead from New York (RHFNY) went their separate ways, and the lady who got her heart broken spent her night at the bar keeping company with a hunky blond.  The E 5s were also at the roadhouse, celebrating a family birthday.  What a spunky group those five are!  Don't fret, this intrepid blogger will keep an ear to ground.  Should a new romance bloom, or a herd of stampeding buffalo head this way, you can read about it right here.

Meanwhile, don't forget that a hoodie and a toboggan are not really adequate for temperatures in the thirties.  If you are out and about, wear a real coat, for Pete's sake and be sure to keep a blanket or two in your car.  Being stranded on the side of the road in the dead of winter, even in Texas, could be uncomfortable. Stupidity causes more deaths in our country than any thing else.  Nuff said.

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