A New Year's Eve Proposal

January 1, 2015

Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: The Best of Miller, Texas
  Congratulations, Randy Rollins

It is just this blogger, or does it seem like the years are flying by faster and faster?  The peeps around town say it’s an age thing, like getting older make the clock run faster. If that is true, the clock is the only thing that runs faster as it gets older.  Ahem!  Let’s chalk it up to maturity rather than age.  Speaking of faster.  If you can imagine it, in Middleton, Wisconsin, they have a New Year’s Dash.  Who calls a 5 mile run a dash?  If memory serves, Wisconsin is freezing in January, but 475 people got out of bed and lined up to run, yes run, in this dash they optimistically call a fun run. The fun in fun run is added because you can walk if you chose, making the whole event more of a family affair than a competition.

  In this blogger’s humble opinion, any event that includes a Mother Nature disclaimer--the course could be dry, wet, or even have 12 inches of snow--should be avoided at all costs.  Brrrrr!  Better to snuggle up with the SO, watch a parade or two, nosh on some great snack, and jeer at the referees while viewing some football.  Ahh! The life. 
Now to the good stuff, the family feud is over.  
That’s right O V E R.  

And the winner is, BND Numero Uno. Now who is really surprised? The folks at the party at the Double D last night witnessed the proposal. That’s right, the uber cool man of the hour, got down on bended knee at midnight and asked GND #3 to be his endless love. Can anyone say, Get me to the church on time? (Yes, this intrepid blogger just worked in three romantic song titles, thank you very much.) For those of you that weren’t there, you can see the whole proposal on YouTube. Don’t you just love the modern world? Privacy is an outdated concept, but when you propose in front of
most of your family and friends, you aren’t looking to keep a lid on it. Even better, a little bird told this blogger that BND El Segundo will be the best man at the wedding on a date TBA later. Ain’t it great?

Meanwhile, the Piney Woods are ringing with the echoes of good cheer. Be sure make that resolution before midnight. Like wishing on a star, it loses its magic if you don’t. Or better yet, skip the resolution and simply commit to doing one kind deed every day.  Imagine the world if every person jumped on board.  Be the first.  Nuff said.

A final note:  If you have been missing the front man for the Double D in the past few weeks, it’s because he is spreading his wings.  The opening for the Double D Houston is set for January 23rd. The excitement is building.

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