Honor Your Father

June 21, 2015

Father’s Day

On this the day that we set aside to honor our fathers, every son and daughter needs to reach out to the man he/she calls Father and say “I Love You.  Thank you for being my dad.”  Because believe it or not, being a father, you know—the guy that woke you up in the morning, played ball with you, saw to it that you did your homework every night, grounded you when you broke the rules, stood up with you or walked by your side at your wedding, cried with you when you were in pain, went to work to earn money to support your family, and did a zillion other things that got you to where you are today—being that guy is a choice.  Just so you know, not every child gets that guy for a father.  That's why it is important to be thankful that you did. 
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I know, it isn't always easy to say what's in your heart, so I'll go first.  

Dad, you are an amazing man, and I am proud to be your child.   Everything I know about respect, honor and honesty I learned by watching you.

Every morning you got up and went to work when you would have preferred to sleep in, you taught me the importance of commitment. All the years you worked two jobs to make sure we had enough to eat, you taught me the value of hard work.  Every Sunday you set the alarm and made sure we attended church services, you taught me the importance of worship.  Every time you shared your stories about your Army days, you taught me to respect the service of others. Each time you put my needs before your own, you taught me what it was to be selfless.  Those times you paid the bills rather than waste your money on things that weren’t necessary, you taught me the importance of keeping your word.  Every time you treated my mother with love and respect, you taught me how to show my spouse love and respect. 

It might not have been in your nature to say “I love you,” as often as I would have liked to hear it, but you showed me your love in a hundred different ways that I carry in my heart now and always.  I love you, and I hope that I have shown you my love in a hundred different ways that you carry in your heart now and always, so that no matter how far apart we are, our hearts will be connected.  I know you could have walked away, made the choice to not be the responsible, caring, God-fearing father you are, so thank you for choosing to stick it out and be 

my dad.

You are and always will be a man above men to me. 
Dad, circa 1947

Oddly enough, not only is this Fathers' Day, it is also National Peaches and Cream Day.  For my dad, that would be peach cobbler and homemade ice cream.  It seems that there is something to celebrate every day, if you are looking for a reason to celebrate this link will take you to the calendar.  Sorry, but you have already missed National Ice Cream Float Day and National Martini Day; however, I am sure you will want to mark your calendar for 

National Pink Day, June 23.

Sharing the honors with Father's Day and National Peaches and Cream Day, June 21st is the summer solstice.  For most of East Texas the exact time of the solstice was 11:59 am.  So happy midsummer to all!!! What exactly does the summer solstice mean?  If you are in Texas it means, get ready 'cuz it's fixing to get really hot, ya'll.


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