The Whimsical Nature of Fame and Fortune

June 8, 2015

Last week this blogger wrote about Rameses II, one of the most well-known pharaohs in history even though his fame is mostly hype.  And we know the whole world read that blog, right?  Coincidently, on Saturday, another pharaoh came into the spotlight--American Pharaoh.  With his win at the Belmont Stakes he became the 12th horse in history to win the Triple Crown. An awesome feat, make no mistake, but will he, like Thutmose III, fade into obscurity?  Will winning the Triple Crown make him as popular as Seabiscuit who wasn’t a Triple Crown winner?  Probably not.  That’s the whimsical nature of fame and fortune.  If Hollywood loves you, you’re in. 
Why can't I be as famous as Seabiscuit?  Life is so unfair.

Moving on, you may not be aware of it, but today is National Best Friend Day.  Yep, that’s right—Best Friend Day.  Not that you should need a special day to honor the person who shares everything with you, but there it is.  So, what are you waiting for?  Take your best friend to lunch.  Of course, if you are taking your best friend to lunch, and your best friend is taking you to lunch, isn’t that the same as Dutch treat?  Just a thought.
I'll let you win this time if you'll let me win next time.

  Also, if that wasn’t enough, it is National Name Your Poison Day.  Okay…it’s not what you thinking.  The people that came up with the idea were definitely not talking about rat poison or anything like that.  Name your poison is a phrase that begin in a bar…so you can probably figure out the poison being referred to back then.  Over the years it has come to mean making a choice between two equally bad choices (Think Robert Frost--"Two path converged in a woods one day...").  From this oddly random bit of trivia, Name Your Poison Day was born.  Now you have a day to celebrate making those tough decisions, if you don’t die as a result of your choice that is.  Downer, dude.

Finally, it is National Upsy Daisey Day.  That’s right, Upsy Daisy, just like your mother used to say when she pulled your shirt over your head.  It made you giggle instead of cry, and making you smile is the whole point of Upsy Daisy Day.  Frankly speaking, after Name Your Poison Day, we are all in need of a smile, so here is one we can share.  
I'm for sale if you need a smile!!

For those of you that are overachievers, you can honor all three national days at one go round IF you name your poison with an Upsy Daisy smile as you have lunch with your best friend.  Efficiency at it’s best.

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