Summer is Movie Season

 June 15, 2015

Summer is upon us,
The Texas summer
 is so hot even the flowers need shades
 althrough for the next few days
 an umbrella might be more helpful.
and for movie aficionados summer is movie season, and there is a whole slew of  new movies coming out over the next few months.

  A few of the coming attractions are sequels to popular movies—Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the Avengers: The Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World.  But the movie that has this blogger foaming at the mouth is the Superman/Batman movie (The official title is Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice.).  It may not make it to the screen during the summer of 2015, the last report has it coming out in spring of 2016, and that’s a shame.

Perhaps you think that this blog should concentrate on the movies that will be in the theater this summer,  after all the title is Sumer Is Movie Season.  But the sequels all promise to be more of the same.  That doesn't mean they aren't worth seeing, just not worthing blogging about, in this blogger's humble opinion.

But the prequel to the League of Justice (you know that what it is, right?) is a different story.  Batman v Superman might not win critical acclaim, but it will bring in the fans.  Even those fans who will spend hours and hours bashing it.  Yawn. Before you can bash it, you have to watch it. Chaching.  

Regardless of when the movie hits the silver screen, it will be a great date night flick.

 Why, you ask? 

 Simply put it’s both a chick flick and a guy movie.  The story has enough romance to make the women swoon.  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill running around in molded body suits and Jason Momoa in a wet suit definitely constitute eye candy for the chicks.  Add to that the whole comic book hero come to life and there is sure to be plenty of action adventure for the guys to role play.  Plus, Gal Gadot will don the Wonder Woman suit and kick some serious tail, and what guy is going to complain about that --or Amy Adams as Lois Lane?  Neither of these women fit the previous mold for their respective female comic book counterparts, but molds are meant to be broken, right?  

Despite nay sayers, the Dawn of Justice should set all kinds of new box office records.  This blogger will certainly be one of the masses who shows up to see if Superman is really going to be the bad guy.  Say it ain’t so, Sam!  Never you mind, this blogger will sit through anything as long as there is plenty of popcorn.  So look around at the movies, the person with the biggest bucket of popcorn just might be the writer of this blog. LOL.

Are you going to kiss me, or not?
Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong.    The wedding bells were ringing yesterday afternoon, but Millerites couldn’t hear them over the rumbling thunder.  Even so the church was SRO (standing room only) as BND Number Uno said I do to GND #3.  The king and queen of country music (Meryl andTwanda) flew in and performed a selection of songs that could be called THE KISS ME collection.  The performance included a song from the groom to the bride.  Ahhhhh! The happy couple who are on their way to San Antonio for a hot, steamy honeymoon were predictably sappy.  It’s June.  Who goes to San Antonio in June? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer.) No rumor there, just fact.  Not a dry eye in the house when JE gave his daughter way.  Google it if you didn’t get to attend, there’s bound to be a video of it going viral as you read this.  But this blog isn’t about facts, it thrives on rumors and who do you think was seen cozying up together at the after wedding party at the Double D?  If you guessed GND #5 and BND El Segundo, give yourself a high five.  This bears watching.  And seriously, look for those Youtube videos, folks.  If you videoed it, then upload the video so the rest of us can LIKE it.

Meanwhile, summer and boats go together.  Boats and drinking do not.  Be aware when you are on the lakes, that hundreds of people drown each year due to carelessness.  Don’t become a statistic.  Follow the rule of boating—always wear a life jacket no matter how good a swimmer you are—and don’t drink while you are operating a boat.  It’s all common sense.  Nuff said.
Don't become a statistic.  Wear your life vest.

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