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May 4, 2015

Well, would you looky, looky here.  The Houston Chronicle’s food editor featured the Double D Roadhouse Houston in the Sunday edition. As the Chronicle is the largest newspaper in Texas, that’s a pretty big deal and well worth mentioning.  The people of Houston are really digging the down home cuisine of our own Chef M.  Not that’s so surprising really, good food is good food no matter what city you are in.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that the roadhouse is technically in Katy, but it’s close enough to Houston for the Big H to claim it. The motel will be open for business on Memorial Day weekend.  Check out the Double D website for pictures.  It’s pretty amazing.  Guess it’s obvious that this intrepid blogger is a die hard fan of the Double D.  And no, Bruce Willis isn’t the one writing this blog.

Speaking of our own, if you haven’t heard, Mr. DD finally got around to proposing, not that this intrepid blogger is surprised that he did.  But what you might not know is that he proposed in the middle of a CVS parking lot.  Really?  Where is the romance in that?  I know his momma raised him better! Rumor has it that CC may have proposed to DD first.  Whatever.  The good news is that they are finally getting it right.

Meanwhilewhat happened to spring?  Is it just me, or does it seem like we skipped straight from not so cold winter to hotter than blazes summer?  It’s April for crying out loud.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  April in Texas. So what’s your point?

Don’t forget to check out the snapdragons in front of the Double D Roadhouse and Motel.  They are spectacular this year, but aren't they always.

Oh BTWshe said YES, so wedding bells once again will be ringing in Miller. When is the wedding?  No wedding pool this time. According to the MOS,  July 17th is the day, a year to the day after the BB walked into the DD.  I guess the boy has a little romance in his soul after all.

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@ the Double D series  Book 2; Kiss Me Stupid
Chloe and Dean's story

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