Happy Mother's Day, With Love

May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day!!

This blogger will begin with a "hi dee ho" to all the mother’s out there, and a special shout out to the woman who gave birth to this blogger once upon a time.  Yeah, it sounds like I’m going to tell you a fairy-tale, someday maybe, but not today. 

January 14, 1930 to April 27, 2015
Tonight, she is resting with the angels and the man who has been waiting on her for 17 years.
Today this blog will be dedicated to the self-less women who work so tirelessly to make sure that their children go up strong, healthy, and happy.  There are all kinds of mothers--working mothers, stay-at-home mother, birth mothers, adopted mothers, foster mothers, step mothers, and grandmothers (listed in no particular order).  Regardless of where you fall in that list, you deserve this day of celebration. 

For all the nights you got up to care for a sick child when all you wanted to do was sleep, for all the hours you sat at practice (ball, dance, band, etc) patiently waiting for it to finish, for all the dinners you cooked, dishes you washed, floors you mopped and vacuumed, for all toilets you scrubbed, for all the teacher/parent conferences you attended, for all the PTO committees you worked on, for all the free time you gave up to go to games, concerts, and recitals, for all the costumes you created with little more than imagination and safety pins, and for all the things you wanted and sometimes needed that you gave up so your children could have more--YOU DESERVE TO BE HONORED.  

Not just anyone can be a mother, nor or all women called to be mothers.  But those of you who are, we, the children of the world, send you our undying love and appreciation. 

rose image courtesy of antpkr at freedigitalphotos.net


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