The Most Boring Day in History

May 31, 2015

The storms are gone from East Texas for the time being.  Tree Service companies are busy as beavers cutting up trees.  School is out for the summer.  SO…on to other things. 
In East Texas it's the bees and the blooms.
Because it was a very slow day here in Miller, this blogger had to turn to the internet for inspiration.  If you google May 31st, which you will most likely do now that it has been suggested, you’ll find a whole list of things that happened on this day in historya whole list of things that nobody cares about.  So it might be appropriate to dub this day, May 31, with the title, THE WORLD’S MOST BORING DAY.  Really!!  
However, there are two things that keep this blogger from issuing that proclamation. 
These boots were made for riding.

First, Clint Eastwood was born on May 31, 1930 AD.  Imagine, The Man With No Name is 85 years old.  He has to ask himself one thing every morning, “Do you feel lucky, punk?”  If he is able to get out of bed, the answer is yes.  Ha. Ha.  Why aren’t you laughing?  Okay.  Okay.  All kidding aside, the world will never know another actor quite like Clint Eastwood.  No, this isn’t a eulogy.  As far as this blogger knows, Eastwood is alive and well and celebrating his birthday with his family. It is fair to say even if you aren't an Eastwood fan that he’s one of a kind and an American Icon. 
Forget Kilroy, Rameses II was here.

Second, in 1279 BC. Rameses II became the pharaoh of Egypt.  According to some historians, the only real mark that Rameses II made during his sixty-seven year reign is akin to that of a graffiti artist.  It seems he “tagged” everything from buildings to statues, no stone was left unmarked. It must have worked because if you ask anyone today to name an Egyptian pharaoh, Rameses II will likely be the name they give you.  What makes him so memorable?  Most people think he is the pharaoh that went head to head with Moses before the Exodus.  Bible scholars have debunked this myth, but Hollywood has more pull with the public, so the misconception remains.  Few people know that the name of the pharaoh during the time of Moses was more thatn likely Thutmose III.  Possibly Thutmose should have written his name on a few more stones. Just a thought.

Cornflower with Bee and Cowboy Boot with Spur courtesy of Franky 242 at   
Egyptian Character Design courtesy of boylemonademoon at


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