BB Stirring up the dust at the old DD.


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July 17, 2014

Now that the hoopla surrounding the Adair—Black wedding has settled down, it is fairly quiet in Miller.  There is plenty of work to be done before the Annual Summer Mudd Festival at Moore’s Mudd Park, but that doesn’t start up for another two weeks.

Over at the Double D Roadhouse, guests continue to make life interesting.   Why, this afternoon a blond bombshell (BB) was seen kicking it by the pool.  It’s fair to say, she stirred up more than the dust.  A certain man, with a strong resemblance to the Man of Steel (MOS), showed more than a passing interest.  Could it be that love has once again arrived in Miller?   If it’s true, a few of our local ladies will be sorely disappointed.  Life can be harsh at times. This intrepid blogger will keep an eye out and report back.

 Meanwhile, remember to drink plenty of water and avoid the heart—he he—I meant to say, avoid the heat.  It’s July in Texas, ya’ll.

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