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July 21,  2014

Well, this doesn't happen very often, but this blog will be minus a few of its usual pithy comments.  There is so much this blogger wants to say, but all if falls under the heading of confidential.  Confidential.  Now there is a word that gets stretched a lot.  Just how confidential are the secrets given to you?  When someone tells you something in confidence, do you keep it quiet, or do you share with just one person?  Is it okay for you to share the secret is you swear that person to secrecy?  What if they tell just one person, who tells just one person, who tells just one person…? You see were this is going, right?  The best course of action when you are trusted with a secret is to prove yourself trustworthy by not telling a single soul.  Even if keeping quiet makes you feel like you are going to burst like a big old ripe watermelon left out in the July sun too long.  Deep gusty sigh.  This blogger is not privy to the secret in confidence, but rather by observation.  Either way, it’s time to cease and desist.

Just know that this intrepid blogger is keeping eyes peeled, and as soon as it is okay to report all, you will be able to read it right here.  It would appear that CC the BB has accomplished her mission and will soon be heading back home.  Will her five days in Miller be enough time for our own DD the MOS to win her heart?  Time will tell. 

In the meantimeIn the meantime, this vigilant blogger will check out another situation that seems to be heating up.  Family feud, anyone.  Seems that BND Numero Uno and BND El Segundo were going at it in their mum's front yard.  El Segundo left in a snit.  Later, BND ES was seen hanging out with GND #5 at the Double D bar.  Isn’t that the wrong GND?  Interesting.  You can be sure there will be more to come in the near future. So check back often or you’ll be the last to know all the dope.
Speaking of which, it is time to punch the old time clock.  Wishing everyone, and two certain people, a happy Monday.

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