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Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: The Best of Miller, Texas
  Congratulations Mikey Vines
July 18, 2014

The lazy, hazy days of summer  Complete with the brutal sunshine that dries up the creek beds and leaches the moisture out of every inch of the state.  Even the air is barely stirring here in our little town.  Temperatures are holding steady in the high 90s.  The weatherman is predicting that those temperatures will bust into three digits before the week is out.  Three digits.  That means 100ᵒ or higher.  This blogger is breaking out in a sweat just thinking about that kind of heat.  What did man do before air conditioning?
Temps too for the sun!  LOL

 Of course, the heat is keeping everyone inside these days.  This blogger would be forced to admit to being bored, bored, bored if a certain blonde hadn't walked into the Double D yesterday afternoon.  Did you ever hear the joke about the blonde who walked into the bar one day and asked, “Can I get a drink?” “Absolutely,” the bartender said.  “What would you like?  The blonde blinked and stared at the bartender as if he was an idiot.  “And people say blondes are dumb,” she said. “I told you I want a drink.”  Hardy-har-har.  Okay, the joke stinks, but some jokes are funny because they stink.  Anyway, this blonde, not the one from the joke BTW and a certain gentleman with a remarkable resemblance to the MOS (Man of Steel) were seen having a cozy little dinner.  There are rumors of sparks flying between them.  One observer noted that it was like watching a meteor shower.  You can be sure that this intrepid blogger will be keeping an eye on the situation. 
Meanwhilewear your hat if you venture outside.  The sun is brutal, and it doesn't take long to become a victim of heatstroke. Anyone who has ever had heatstroke knows it ain't no joke.
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