Cooling off with a little night swim.


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      July 19, 2013

Bless my soul, it's certainly swimming weather here in Texas.  Miller is in deep East Texas and is blessed with an abundance of rivers, lakes, and various other swimming holes nearby for those who want to cool off by taking a dip.  A person would be hard pressed to throw a rock around here without it landing in some body of water.  The down side to all that water is the humidity.  Walking out in the July heat is like being wrapped in a hot, wet blanket that makes the heat impossible to escape. 
Speaking of cooling offor maybe heating up would be a better term because our visiting blonde is most definitely creating her own heat wave, if rumors can be believed.  Rumor has it that there was some good old fashion horse play in the swimming pool at the Double D.  Our local night owl spied the blonde and Mr. DD himself in the pool.  Who who who believes that this could be the start of something worth watching?  This intrepid blogger will keep an eye on the situation—using night goggles if necessary--and let you know if the rumors flying have any merit.

Meanwhilethe lakes are overflowing with people boating, skiing, and jetting around like there is no tomorrow.  The beaches at the local lakes are crowded from daylight to dusk.  If you are out there, beware that hitting the water during the midday hours is dangerous.  Swim before 10 AM or after 3PM to avoid the worst of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Take an umbrella with you, and use sunscreen, especially on those babies.  Don’t forget to reapply it often.  Nuff said. 

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