Is she the ONE?

July 20, 2014

Winning drawing from MCMS art contest: The Best of Miller, Texas
  Congratulations Mikey Vines
Ahh.  Sunday.  Many people here in Miller would agree that Sunday is a day for God, family, and rest.  There is a feeling in the air here, when the bells of St. Anne’s Episcopal begin ringing, that defies explanation.  It just makes us Millerites happy to be living in our own little piece of paradise, snakes and all.

On to other more interesting developments, was this blogger the only one who saw our BB and Mr. I could fly if I had a red cape at church together this morning?  They certainly looked cozy sharing a hymnal.  The ladies tongues were wagging all around the congregation.  People are beginning to ask, “Is she THE ONE?” If you want an objective opinion on the matter, this blogger says, “Yes, she is.”  Now a certain someone just has to realize that God has sent him someone worth building a life with.  Remember, you read it here first, and you know that this intrepid blogger will be monitoring the progress of this relationship very closely and reporting it all right here.

Meanwhile, an important note, this is your last week without televised football.  Guys be sure to spend some quality time with your significant other (SO), so when you are glued to the boobtube for the next four months, she will not be plotting your demise.

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